Tropical Leaves

Edition 16

may 2021



Graduating Class of 2021

May 2021

Super Saturday, 2019

Thrilling, intense, and tiring would sum up our school’s recent Super Saturday. For those who don’t know, Super Saturday is an event that comes close to the end of the MESAC season with different AES teams against (usually) local competition...

A quest for a delicious, enjoyableirresistible 

chocolate chip cookie.

ASTROWORLD, Scorpion, Loose, Queen, Ye, TA1300, and more.

Opinionated article about whether John Green is as good as people think.

Interviews with Karan Bhasin, Laila Rodenbeck, Karen Carlson, Joya Kapoor, Jhujhar Sarna, and more

An overview of upcoming female candidates in the U.S 

Is one's life really based on skill or nothing but luck?

Read about a scientific discovery that has changed astrology forever.

An ode to all the teachers who are departing from AES.