A Guide to Online Learning


Emanuela Lee

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the eventual lockdown that took place in various parts of the world, many schools closed worldwide. As many schools have been shifted to an online learning environment, both students and teachers have had to adapt to these new and unique circumstances. Learning online is a challenge in itself. Many students still seem to be struggling with learning from home during the pandemic due to many reasons, some of which are: having trouble managing the workload, actively participating during class, and networking issues. Feeling drained and overwhelmed is something many of us can relate to at the moment. With this in mind, I've put together a list of helpful suggestions to ease your stress give insight into what has worked for me. 

Tip #1: Managing your time

Time management is perhaps one of the most important skills in order to succeed in school and in life. Learning to designate time for important tasks will allow you to develop consistency in completing all your assignments, giving yourself the appropriate amount of time needed, and using every minute wisely. It’ll allow you to give yourself certain time frames of when to do your work and when to take breaks.

Tip #2: Study buddies

Turning to your friends to discuss school work can be very beneficial as it gives you extra time outside of class to talk about the materials taught and to go over any questions/concerns. Also, it makes working on assignments much more enjoyable when you have someone to simply talk to and seek clarification from (other than teachers).

Tip #3: Getting enough rest

Above all, sleep is the most important thing for us all, regardless of age. It allows us to recharge so we can be fully ready and energized to take on the day. It is proven that students who get less than 8 hours of sleep on average are more prone to getting lower grades, not paying attention, having trouble understanding the material, and not doing well in school. 

Tip #4: Blocking out distractions

We all know that working from home entails many distractions, which can include family members, phones, games, etc. We find that it is much easier to get distracted when learning from home, so it is very important that in order to eliminate or reduce such distractions we take the necessary steps such as turning off or removing any other devices that you are not using at the moment from your desk, studying in a quiet space such as your room, and using your technology responsibly.

Tip #5: Taking advantage of resources/seeking help when needed

As many students are finding keeping up with school and maintaining good grades more difficult, it is important that we make the very best of this situation by utilizing the support from teachers, extra office hours, studying with friends, taking notes aside from classwork (handwritten or electronic), and making sure we are understanding the material by going over in-class work and recordings.

Practicing most if not all of these suggestions can prove to be really helpful for both adults and students as we continue to work from home. No matter how challenging it may feel, utilizing these techniques can help you be successful in and out of school during these uncertain times.