The Release of the PS5


Sumair Khattar

It’s here. It’s been seven years since Sony released the PS4. Video Game fans have been eagerly waiting for the newest console and have had high expectations. On November 12th, the Playstation 5 was finally released. They sold out within seconds of their release and left many going back home empty-handed. Many expect that the shortages of the PS5 will run into 2021, and hopefully gamers will be able to get their hands on it before May. Due to this shortage, PS5s around the world are selling for as much as  1000 dollars, which is more than double its original 500 dollar price. This year's release of the PS5 has fulfilled the dreams of video game enthusiasts around the world. Better performance ratings, more storage, and improving almost every aspect of the console allows users to live inside these fantasy worlds. Fittingly so, the tagline for this console this year is, “Play has no limits.”

Personally, I have always been interested in and loved using gaming consoles. These consoles allow us to interact with other gamers from across the globe. The PlayStation over the past few years has allowed people around the world to live out the most unfathomable, wildest fantasies and create strong bonds with people that have similar interests.

In 2020, Playstation has gone beyond just delivering the console that people have been waiting for. They have also had some deals with famous celebrities and fashion brands as well. This year, PlayStation collaborated with fashion and music brand Cactus Jack, which is run by rapper Travis Scott. Travis released a Playstation collection, along with creating a very interesting trailer for the console. This release comes just after Cactus Jack’s collaboration with another large company McDonald’s. These have ultimately increased the hype and excitement surrounding the release, which is a really effective strategy by Sony. In addition to having this collaboration, Sony has collaborated with basketball player Paul George and Nike to create Playstation themed basketball shoes in the past. Sony is very astute when it comes to marketing as they make sure that their presence is shown in multifarious ways around the world.

Another thing that has created hype among the gaming community is the next-gen Playstation games that are being released this year. Among these games are Spiderman: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Astro’s Playroom (which comes free with a purchase of the PS5). These games utilize the capabilities of the new console, along with the next-gen controller that comes with it. Among these games, Spiderman: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls are exclusive to Playstation which means that to play it, you will have to purchase a PS5.

Playstation wasn’t the only company to release a console this year. Along with the PS5, Xbox released their next-gen console as well, called the Xbox Series X. Both have similar capabilities and have done extremely well in the market. In the gaming community, there is a clear divide between Xbox and Playstation users and it will be really interesting to see the interactions and arguments that spur up between the two groups. As a Playstation user myself, I will think that the Playstation consoles in the past have always been better, but I like to endlessly argue with a lot of my friends that have Xboxes on why mine is better than theirs.

But in the end, both groups are extremely grateful for the release of the next-gen consoles that have been released by both companies. People here in India will have to wait a while to get their hands on one of these consoles, but I’m sure that the wait is going to be worth it. It’s fascinating to see the direction in which gaming is going, and how it’s become so advanced in such a short amount of time. The tagline is true indeed - “Play has no limits.”