The Power of “Among Us” 

and How It Brought Us All Together


Rina Hamanishi


“Among us” is the current most popular game that has taken over the whole world. It has replaced the entertainment of not just gamers but people that don’t often play games. Like me! Among Us is an adaptation of the popular game ‘Mafia’, with simple rules and makes it fun and easy.  Moreover, it is playable on both your mobile device or your PC. The main goal is to find out who the imposter (murdurer) is. After every round, a maximum of 10 players discuss their opinions on who the impostor is in the chat section and votes for the most suspicious player.


Among Us came out in 2018, but people have only started getting into it this July to August. The game blew up when people started streaming on Twitch- a video streaming service-, as currently there are over 60 million users everyday. But this game was first played and streamed by these eight Korean streamers, which eventually influenced the rest of the world. The growth of this game being installed and played is incredibly rapid. On September 3rd, it was played by around 10 million people, and just in 18 days it reached over 100 million.


While that is impressive, what is more interesting is that this game attracted everyone globally and naturally constructed a great opportunity to interact with each other, especially during the COVID-10 global pandemic. People that play this game have come together to articulate their creativity in humorous contexts like memes on social media. As the people on those social media platforms get interested, they gradually, yet almost unknowingly, detected this new way of communicating with people around the world during this time of history.


In October, our 9th grade Class Councils launched an open “Among Us” game night for their entire grade, seeking that event as an enjoyable occasion for interacting and laughing with our fellow students. 

Last but not least, it is impressive how people have adapted to easily spread influence of this game, and discovered an accessible platform where both the gamers and non-gamers can come together for an enjoyable experience.