A Letter to Our Future Selves

Maya Anandan


Dear us, 2021 and years following,


Good luck. That’s really all I can say. The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster. You are in charge of ending it. Don’t overwhelm yourselves. Stay calm, you’ve already been through so much. Don’t complain too much or argue. Don’t fight with your parents, or lose touch with your friends. Don’t slack in school, or not pay attention in class. Stay focused and stay positive, but not COVID positive! That’s all you will have left. Please don’t make any stupid mistakes, because we’ve already made plenty. You have the chance to change everything, to bring life back to normal. To whatever “normal” we’re going to have to get used to. Don’t mess up… please. We are counting on you. 

If things do go back to normal, keep it that way. Don’t look back. Stay ahead. You have so much to look forward to. You won’t have to suffer through the never-ending drudgery of quarantine life, or the fear of being in public places, or the guilt of taking everything you once had for granted. You are lucky, luckier than we are now. 

I hope you get vaccinated, travel during the summer, and have the fun we missed out on this year. I hope you enjoy every second of normal life, and never once take anything for granted. We took too much for granted before.

During my time at home, I’ve started to compile a small list of questions for you. 

  1. Is Timothée Chalamet’s new movie, Dune as good as we hope for it to be?

  2. Has the COVID-19 vaccine been released?

  3. Are you back in school? Have you seen Priyanka from the Tiger’s Den yet? 

I hope it won't take you too long to answer them. Anyways, during these past 8 months at home, I’ve had multiple realizations. One being that I should probably have space out my binging of Netflix, since the movies provided were finite. After I ran out of shows and movies to watch, I had no choice but to rewatch them. That only added to the feeling of being trapped inside a never ending loop of what life had become. I’ve also realized the importance of human connection. My peers, friends, and family are the ones that have saved me from feeling lost. If I were you I would never take my friends for granted, but you probably know not to now. 

We have been through a lot.  From health and financial issues to personal struggles, the people of today have suffered through unfathomable amounts of trauma and pain due to COVID-19.  But in addition to the impact of the pandemic, we also have faced issues around body-image, depression, anxiety, stress, pressure, loss… the list just goes on and on. I hope you have found a way to tackle these issues, because we are still trying to acknowledge them. The feelings of shame and guilt pass around like a virus, ingrained into our minds, and struggling through these issues can be embarrassing. We should have all supported one another. Thankfully, quarantine has given people a chance to learn to love themselves and be proud of who they are, no matter how others view them. 

Over the course of our uneventful summer break and online school, I’ve found ways to keep myself busy. Now, I’m sure you’ve forgotten what that’s like, so let me jog your memory. When you are stuck at home with nothing to do except homework, life’s purpose starts to slip away. When you aren't doing anything school-related you are either watching something or eating something (although, they usually come as a two-in-one package). Although drowning yourself in neverending tubs of ice cream helps cure boredom, it isn't enough. From what I’ve heard, teenagers all over the world have come up with different ways to entertain themselves. Whether it be making TikToks or Dalgona coffee, the trends and ideas are endless. I am sure you are too busy with normal life to worry about boredom, so I guess I shouldn’t bore you with this letter.

Thank you for reading, future us. I hope things are back to normal, and life is as eventful as it used to be.



Us from the past.