Tiktok Based Fashion Trends

Emanuela Lee


Tiktok has risen significantly in popularity since it first started getting recognition in early 2019. Since then, Tiktok has seen many trends ranging anywhere from people showing off their dancing skills to Vine-like comedic sketches. There is no doubt that the platform is highly compelling and, some would dare say, addictive. There’s no denying that Tiktok is making an impression on already existing or newly discovered fashion trends. Below are just some of the most popular and fascinating trends on the app, from Harry Styles-inspired cardigans to clever yet stylish clothing hacks.


Trend #1: 90s accessories


There is no doubt that ‘back in the day’ fashion norms are making a comeback. All of the highlights from the 90s such as scrunchies, oversized hoodies, mom jeans, denim shorts and barrettes are finding their way back to the fashion spotlight. Personally,  I’m all for bringing back the old into the new; many creators have been channeling their inner TLC, Clueless, and Friends-inspired outfits to fit with the trend. 


Trend #2: Harry Styles-inspired cardigans


It would be an understatement to say that pretty much everyone is obsessed with Harry Styles at the moment, but currently we’re even more intrigued by his bold fashion statements and outfit choices. His iconic J.W. Anderson cardigan has single handedly encouraged many people on the app to recreate this look mainly by learning how to knit and crochet. Kudos to Harry for unintentionally creating a knitting epidemic.


Trend #3: Cottagecore


This one really outdoes the previously listed trends. The cottagecore trend is much more than clothing creations -- it involves using your imagination and ‘dreaming’ of life in a country-esque setting. No surprise, this trend involves long flowy dresses, flowers all up in your hair as a part of decoration, and floral prints galore. This trend surpasses the tie dye videos as it amassed a whopping 3.4 billion recreations on the app. 


Trend #4: Tiktok hacks and tips


Tiktok, much like Pinterest and Youtube, is a platform filled with ingenuitive hacks and tricks for everyday scenarios including, but not limited to, finding a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, making the waist of your jeans fit better, and advice on how to wear and pair oversized shirts. On top of that, the app features creators who give tips on shopping sustainably, upcycling, and redesigning already-existing pieces in your closet.


Trend #5: Tie-dye


Gaining over 2 billion recreations, tie dye is seemingly one of the most popular hacks circulating around on Tiktok. A variety of cool tie dye tricks varying from rainbow masks, tie dye bandanas designed for dogs, and cute crop tops and t-shirts. 


Trend #6: ‘What I’d Wear…’


This trend (which many creators have taken as a challenge) features outfits inspired by things ranging from Netflix movies to Olivia Benson from SVU, and even disney cartoons. There isn't anything that TikTok creators can't reimagine; this is like a twist on the previously listed cottage core trend as they both are influenced by our imaginations. Some of the most popular tropes on the app include the following:

  • What I’d wear if I was on Netflix

  • What character should I be today?

  • What I’d wear in a particular movie

  • What ‘Friends’ character should I dress like today?


One must note that all these trends are just some of the many popular videos on TikTok. However, as creative and intriguing as all of these trends are, they may or may not be for everyone. 


Now excuse me while I go and knit a Harry Styles like cardigan paired with mom jeans and a tie dye bandana as I dream of Rachel Green’s wardrobe from ‘Friends.’