“It's part of the landscape. It's part of the scenography. We wouldn't imagine Paris without Notre Dame. It's just clearly impossible for us. ” - Margot Haddad

An overview of upcoming female candidates in the U.S 

On Wednesday, April 10th, astronomers under the leadership of Katie Bouman, a 29-year-old assistant professor at the California Institute of Technology, took a picture of a black hole. For the past two years, she has been working on a computer algorithm that has allowed researchers in the Event Horizon telescope team to take a picture of a black hole. But, why is this significant?

From August 8-18, the 24 candidates for the Democratic nomination converged at the Des Moines Register-sponsored Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair. A popular forum for politicians to speak to fair-goers, many reporters noticed a unifying theme - the amount of criticism targeted at President Trump...

How the impeachment of President Trump will only further his already strong chances of re-election.

The Delhi Gas Chamber has been a thorn in the side of the central government for the last decade. Its causes are well-documented and known to all, with the government even implementing multiple measures to combat it. Even with these actions, however, most solutions have been ineffective. The causes and attempted solutions to this issue are numerous, and yet each factor contributes to the issue in its own way.