summer 2020.



With the summer marking the end of a school year that received a conclusion that does not do it justice, we tend to fall into patterns of negativity. But its worth remembering what we still have going for us. One of the themes that emerged this edition was family, and through it, hope– hope where none could seemingly be found.


Each of our lives has changed since we last saw each other in March. Some of us packed and left home, not knowing when or if there’ll be a chance to return to AES and to reunite as a community again. Others of us remained in Delhi, watching as cases rose, lockdown prolonged. Amidst my grade, we watched our graduating class scatter across the world, two months too early. 


Several political pundits have called for Biden to challenge the president’s widely viewed press briefings by conducting briefings of his own or announcing his vice presidential pick early. Some have even called for Biden to name a cabinet early, so as to shift the news cycle in his favor. But when someone is digging their own grave, why fight for the shovel?


Through my experience living with meat-eaters and those that eat differently than I do, I’ve found that it is unrealistic to expect people to change their diets overnight. And I’m not trying to change the way the AES community eats– however, it’s still important to note that in times of quarantine and house arrest, there has never been a better time to eat less meat.


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“Instagram culture” is a term thrown around most by adults who don’t understand the appeal of the app and who think teenagers are shallow, vain, and narcissistic. Perhaps we are, but at the same time, it’s so ingrained in who we are as a generation that it is second nature. Second nature, however, seems to also be turning into senseless pressure.


Astrology refers to the notion that celestial bodies, such as the moon, sun, stars, and planets, impact the natural world and human affairs. To some, it sounds nothing short of ridiculous, but many truly swear by its validity and live their life based on astrological principles. In fact, people have been doing so since ancient Mesopotamia.


Promises of a senior prom, graduation, and celebrations for the class of 2020 were soured by the sudden  arrival of a global pandemic. However, the need to say goodbyes still exist, and senior writers wished to honor that farewell.