A Review of Quarantine Trends

Namita Pise

The world has been in quarantine for around six months, staying at home with nothing much to do. After a while, even Netflix shows and novels get boring. A solution to this boredom? Quarantine trends (or more accurately defined as activities popularised on social media involving baked goods, arts and crafts, and games).

Today, I’ll be reviewing five of the most viral quarantine trends that have taken over the world. For better or for worse, one may ask? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Banana bread

First up, banana bread. Although the name itself contains the word ‘bread,’ modern recipes are more so cakes containing mashed banana. With its crisp exterior and succulent inside, banana bread is the absolute epitome of homemade comfort food. It allows you to nurture your baking skills regardless of the skill level you’re at. And another plus, it keeps you from spending too much time in front of the computer. My one question is - how much is too much? Banana bread is rich in sugar and butter, and while these ingredients enhance the taste, they are unhealthy in large quantities. So while this trend has gone viral during quarantine, that does not mean that one must bake and consume banana bread every single day.

Tie dye

Tie dye is a form of creative expression and artistic personality. Using colored dye and water, enthusiasts twist cotton clothing items and test different techniques to achieve unpredictable outcomes. This trend produces fun shapes and patterns on clothing that ranges from plain t-shirts to bucket hats, and regardless of the design, the final product is always fashionable. But now people are taking it a step further; they’re using vegetables to produce the colored dye. It’s understandable that they would like environmentally-friendly alternatives, but vegetables may not exactly set that standard. Beetroot, purple cabbage, and turmeric produce natural, muted tones. Yet what can people do with the boiled and strained vegetables? Oftentimes, they go to waste. So next time you tie dye, find creative solutions to achieve desired colors, and remember that you can be creative while also being sustainable.

Dalgona coffee

Dalgona coffee is a mixture of instant coffee powder, water, and sugar that is whipped until creamy. Commonly consumed with milk, this beverage went viral on Tiktok and social media and soon, everyone had tested the coffee at home. One of the reasons this drink went viral was because it was extremely simple to make, using ingredients available at home and a taste that is enjoyed worldwide. In the process of making the foam, you can get a workout if you beat the mixture by hand. It requires patience but the end result is definitely worth it if you want to treat yourself or others.


A type of bread, sourdough is an opportunity for bakers of all levels to refine their skills. Although making sourdough is time-consuming, it’s also therapeutic when most people are stuck at home with nothing much to do. Steps include making the starter and the dough, allowing that to ferment, and then perfecting the taste and ratios. It sounds straightforward but its popularity lies in the journey - from knowing when the fermentation is over to using an optimal starter. Anyhow, you’re left with freshly baked sourdough. Only issue is, you may end up with more bread than what you initially expected.


This trend was once popular before the era of phones and computers. But have no fear, jigsaw puzzles are here. Essentially, people must join singular jigsaw pieces to create a larger image. This can take hours at times depending on the difficulty of the puzzle. But people have embraced the challenge because it’s a good way to pass time, and it also strengthens your cognitive and problem-solving skills.

So there you go, five viral quarantine trends that have taken over the world. There are many other trends including worm farming, animal crossing, and focaccia bread that have risen to popularity. They all have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to try them at your discretion, refer them to a friend, or stick to Netflix and novels to pass time.