Backstage Crew

Caroline Laubacher and Sharanya Devgon

The backstage crew - the missing puzzle piece essential to craft the perfect show. The people who work behind the scenes to make sure the show you are watching is the epitome of what it can be. Many heavily argue that the backstage crew does not get the recognition it truly deserves considering the effort that goes into creating musicals, plays and many other theatrical performances. So in light of this appreciation, we met up with the backstage crew that is working on the upcoming play, The Breakfast Club, and asked them a few questions.

We interviewed Eva Broekstra (9) and Esther Rubin (10) questions about their experiences working behind the scenes. Eva works on set-changes and Esther is the stage manager for the show. Eva primarily works “with putting things like props on and off the stage,” while Esther leads the entire crew.

When prompted about “Why did you join the backstage crew?”, Esther shared that she had been in multiple shows in her past years at AES, explaining that she “began backstage crew because [she] was in a class called design and tech in 8th grade and we were the crew.” Following this experience, she “stage-managed Shrek, 12 Angry Jurors, The Great Gatsby, and The Breakfast Club. [She] was the prop manager for Brooklyn 99”. Her favorite part about doing backstage tasks is the way it allows her to join “a community where people encourage and support each other.”

On the other hand, Eva answered that her favorite parts are “The people and experience that come with it. It’s fun.” When asked the same question and if either of them would continue with this pastime, they responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”. Esther stating: “Yes, 100% till the end of high school I will continue.” and Eva exclaiming “Yes! If I’m not acting,” echoed by a bout of laughter.

Stage crew is certainly the missing piece that pulls all productions together, in both minor and major forms. They make or break every play or musical that is put on. AES is lucky to have such a passionate team behind their theatre projects; people who genuinely care about the art itself. With the cast, the directors, and the wonderful staff behind these marvellous performances, AES has pulled off and will continue to pull off some prodigious productions. And no credit should be spared for the far-to-often forgotten crew.

And just as Sarah Sutton, a British actress who starred in Doctor Who, once said:

“What you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show.”