Fall Trends To Look Out For

Sanya Saxena

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall, we also welcome new seasonal trends. This season is an incredible one that brings along a variety of fashion styles, remarkable food for you to try, and fun activities to get involved in. This time is special for many and whether you love to get involved in the different fall festivities or not, the trends that come along with the fall season must intrigue you.

During fall, you can expect to see your favorite stores load up their inventory with seasonal themes. Everything from pumpkin pies to apple ciders, new fragrances to new clothing. This fall, get ready to experience many amazing, diverse, and entrancing things. Let’s discuss some trends that you should definitely keep your eye open for.

Firstly, let’s talk about fall food trends that are big this year. The season of fall is known for its wild and interesting dishes, but this new trend might be the most extreme: Bugs. Insects have been dubbed the ‘food of the future’ and could even be a solution to avoiding a global food crisis if people can eventually overcome barriers such as the "ick factor." They have become more popular over the past few years as they are an environmentally sustainable food source, with a considerably low carbon footprint. Just last year during the fall festival of Halloween, In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we saw people incorporating these creepy-crawlies into their cooking to create scary-looking foods. Since October 2017, there has actually been a Halloween themed event called ‘Bugfest’ that takes place in North Carolina where people can sample dishes prepared by local chefs that feature insect delicacies like Stir-fried Scorpion and Chocolate Chirp Cookies made with crickets. In 2020, we have been seeing even more of this strange trend, with people using ground-up crickets as a substitute for flour. Time magazine also published an article that included recipes on how to cook different types of insects, even featuring one from the famous chef Gordon Ramsey. A fun fact, insects contain many vitamins and micronutrients, such as B12, iron, manganese, and calcium. So, if you get the chance to try some bugs, please do.

Another more appealing fall food trend would be purple vegetables. When it comes to your fall food palette, there is one hue to rule them all: Purple. Purple will be all over the plate this fall and for good reason, because there are so many health benefits to eating purple. Almost all fruits and vegetables with natural purple color are high in antioxidants. Some examples are beets, purple carrots, purple potatoes, and purple kale. They are also known to prevent health issues like cancer and dementia, and with the growing availability of purple produce, this will be the new health food trend this season.

Let’s talk about fall fashion. This year, we are seeing the comeback of retro styles, especially from the 80s and ’90s. We’ve also seen the rise of eco-friendly and vegan materials, as a way to slow down the climate crisis and push the fashion industry on a more sustainable path. One look that has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few weeks is the chunky shoes look. As of right now, chunky shoes have become the best accent pieces you can wear to stand out. This look was quite popular in the ’90s and has once again returned this fall season. Famous celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Pharell Williams have been spotted wearing them recently, and even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken to the trend. If it’s good enough for the royals, it is good enough for us. Another trend I would like to bring up is something that is being called the ‘primal instinct’ trend. This trend is a call back to faux fur, animal spots, stripes, and printed scales. It is doing extremely well on the streets and runways right now and is a great look for someone looking to make a statement with their outfit. Finally, I would like to discuss a trend that many of you are probably familiar with. This fall, calm, safe, and soothing colors just won’t do it anymore as they don’t match the madness of 2020. This trend which has been dubbed the ‘Maximum Colour Output’ trend combines the brightest and loudest colors out there, with vibrant and neon colors currently rocking the fashion scene. In some ways, this trend stands as a protest to the gloomy and depressing year we’ve had so far.

Let’s move onto self-care, as fall is an incredibly crucial time for this. Whether it be tending to your mental health or to your skin, self-care is an incredibly important process that helps one get through the day. So instead of letting the overwhelm and fatigue creep up on you as we begin our descent into the holiday season, be prepared to take better care of yourself. Here are some popular self-care strategies for fall 2020.

One self-care product that seems to be quite popular right now is castor oil. This has been trending for a while due to the multiple uses that it has. It is also incredibly cheap and can be ordered off of Amazon or can be found in any supermarket or beauty store. The climate tends to be colder this time of year which can cause people’s skin to dry and hair to become hard and coarse. Castor oil is a natural moisturizer that is great for these problems and can help your skin look brighter and healthier along with making your hair shinier and thicker. Additionally, for those looking to have longer eyelashes and fuller eyebrows, castor oil is here to assist with that. Trust me, I have tried it and I promise you after just two weeks you will notice you have thicker eyebrows and lengthier eyelashes.

Now that we covered skin and hair care, let’s talk about mental self-care. This one, I would argue, is the most important one, especially if you’re a stressed-out teenager who has to cope with school and grades. This fall, Gratitude Journaling is on the rise with more and more people trying it out. Sometimes having a way to explore your thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment from others can really help to boost your confidence. Gratitude Journaling has been linked to higher life satisfaction and boosts in happiness. So, please try out this new trend. You never know, it could help you a lot.

As you can see we have many exciting and fascinating things to look forward to as we move into the fall season, so make sure you try some new looks and new types of foods while also taking time out of your day to care for yourself.