How your peers feel about school reopening

Sana Haidary

These past few months have not been the easiest. We have adapted ourselves to a new lifestyle; schools are closed, we are confined to our homes, and the future is uncertain. The virus isn’t only a public health story but also an education story. There is adamantly no alternative that virtual learning could be compared to the structure and social comfort that in-person school provides. But through the administration’s best efforts, there may be a hope of school reopening, though the idea may not be an appealing idea to all. Would the rules and guidelines implemented give the school the same feeling of comfort and openness? Despite this, would students still prefer to come to school?

However much we might miss our friends and the feeling of normalcy, the prospect of coming back to the serenity of those might not be as appealing to some. While some might find school reopening conditions too harsh, others might not even consider the option with the dangers that attract them. With a pandemic of this range, the community’s and our health should be our primary responsibility.

Vedika Sabherwal (sophomore) - “I wouldn’t want to come back to school because the adaptation from virtual to in-person school would be more of an undertaking and a drastic change from what we’ve learned to adapt ourselves to this past year. Also, I would miss no work Wednesday.)”

Some opinions are from more of a personal perspective and understandably so. We’ve gotten used to zoom meetings and online assignments so much that going back to regular school would be as big of a difference as when we first started online. Online school also seems much more lenient and hybrid learning doesn’t seem much different from online learning. Considerably online learning gives us more time to finish our assignments, and no-new-work Wednesdays are an additional bonus.

Anonymous (junior) - “I would love to come back to school. I miss my friends and the school environment very much. I just want everything to go back to normal.”

Samika Varma (freshman) -  “The amount of time we spend on our screens is overwhelming and i think that going to school is a necessity so that we are able to meet our academic and social needs. Again, I’m convinced that our school has the equipment to take necessary precautions and will do so, which is why I would definitely consider going back to school for hybrid learning.”

Clearly, the adverse effects of online school have a toll on us physically and psychologically. Attempting to cope with these instant and massive changes all at once is a tremendous mental strain and something most of us are struggling to cope with. The prospect of returning to school seems very inviting. With the new precautions taken, the feeling of being back at school has a perception of comfort, especially with the prospect of meeting our friends and the social environment. During this pandemic, mental health performs a key role in our wellbeing. The idea of normalcy provides a sense of comfort and stability.

Though many of us have different viewpoints on whether we want to return to school or not, our opinions and conditions provide an aid to those stuck between the prospect of returning to school or staying at home. Exploring our options and understanding the situation is vital before making such a critical resolution.