Senior Fine Arts

Giacomo Schott

Senior Fine Arts - the Season Two MESAC event that “isn’t a sport”. The only travel team that doesn’t have any cuts. Moreover, the one event without any real practices, competition, or awards. All in all, Senior Fine Arts—considered by a few AES students as a “fake” MESAC event—is not nearly as renowned as a number of sports. While its supposed shortcomings may deter some from celebrating it to the same degree as other school trips, what some claim it “lacks” is exactly what makes it an integral part of the MESAC program.

The Senior Fine Arts Festival (SFA)is a congregation of band, choir, theater, and visual arts students from MESAC schools. This year’s SFA took place at the beginning of February in the American Community School in Abu Dhabi, lasting for a duration of three days.

While other February MESAC trips focus on competition, Senior Fine Arts promotes the opposite. Setting standards in order to determine superior performance in the fine arts is difficult, as it is subjective and can always be subject to scrutiny.

This turns away many students, who question whether preparing and traveling without an obvious prize to aim for is even worthwhile. The lack of competition, however, is beneficial in many ways: instead of competing, students learn to create pieces of art, whether it be music or paintings or drama.Most importantly, they express their creativity collaboratively.

As a whole, the MESAC program does not necessarily simply comprise of competitive activities; it is a unifying entity of a number of american schools in the Middle East and South Asia. The cooperation of students from multiple schools in order to create forms of artistic expression is a unique opportunity that is seen in nowhere else among these schools.

The Fine Arts trip benefits from many of the same experiences of other MESAC trips, including staying with a host family, meeting new people, and visiting a different culture. By no means is SFA a substitute for a sports trip experience; there are too many differences between the two. But, by unifying students from multiple schools through artistic expression, SFA brings something unique and wonderful to the table of MESAC activities that is simultaneously enriching and exciting for all those who are involved.