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Top 4 streetwear brands you should check out

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By Naomi Sarah-Lee

Big streetwear brands like BAPE, Off-white, Supreme, and Vetements, just to name a few, have dominated the streetwear scene for a while now. ith their popularity rising even more recently, here are some other streetwear brands to check out.

1. Neighborhood

For a long time, this brand was unknown to the west but unlike back then today it is the most influential contemporary streetwear brand of today and has made a big name for itself. Founded in Harajuku, Japan in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa, this men’s streetwear brand has collaborated with a lot of big names like Vans and Converse. With Neighborhoods’ influence in streetwear fashion and unique black, grey and beige fashion pieces, they are sure to get bigger.

2. Pigalle

Pigalle, founded by Stephane Ashpool, carries a curated selection of footwear, streetwear, and hard-to-find Japanese streetwear brands. This brand gives a cool ethos that attracts young Parisian to the brand and has expanded its line by collaborating with brands like Nike for a basketball-inspired sportswear range, whilst releasing dual-branded Air-force 1’s. Pigalle’s colorful, simple and stylish piece is perfect for streetwear lovers who love unique gear with a certain coolness to them. Hopefully, Pigalle has some more cool new collaborations and new wear they definitely are a must-check-out brand.

3. Palace

This London-based skateboard and clothing brand has made a name for itself and has made sure by incorporating necessity, diversity, and authenticity. Co-founders Gareth Skewis and Lev Tanju have created a strong and popular brand with their core beliefs and have done so for a bit over a decade. Inspired by the skateboarding scene in London, Skewis and Tanju have created clothing that speaks to how they grew up, from the name of the brand to the people that buy the brand its speaks to who they are and what they represent. PALACE has made a name for itself in the streetwear and skateboarding scene with a new look and is definitely worth money.

4. Cactus Plant Flea Market

Ever since famous names like Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Pharell Williams have been captured wearing clothing from this streetwear brand it has gained so much popularity. Designed by Cynthia Liu, this fluid and eccentric streetwear line makes use of colors, smiley faces, embroidery, and playful imagery that has attracted people to the brand. Melting smiley faces and puff print signature have become this brand look. Their unique design has become a staple for a lot of streetwear pieces such as hats, shirts, hoodies, headbands, and long sleeve shirts. CPFM has attracted a lot of celebs which has helped the brand make its name know to other streetwear lovers. After being formed in 2015, CPFM has seen success after success and has definitely proven itself in streetwear fashion, I know for sure that I will be on the lookout for anything new.

If you into streetwear and want to try some new brands or you’re just curious just love fashion in general I definitely recommend these fun, cool, unique, fresh brands to check out. I know I will!