Ay, Good Morning Kanye


Driena Muca

In light of the theme of controversy, what better man to discuss than the man who INVENTED controversy—is the EPITOME of controversy—Mr. Kanye West. Now, I know many people dislike the man. By many people, I mean those who literally know nothing about him. But today, I will rehash some of the beloved controversial memories of Mr. Kanye West and then rate his controversies. 



Ah, 2009. Some may say this is where it all started. Who could forget this moment in history? When my boy Kanye West Batista bombed Taylor Swift’s speech at the MTV awards. Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech to claim that in fact, Beyonce had the best music video of all time.

Pro-Ye point of view: This event defined pop culture. 

Anti-Ye point of view: This event normalizes disrespecting female achievements in the music industry.

Controversial Rating: 9/10 

I don’t know what everyone was expecting when they let a dude gripping a bottle of alcohol walk into the joint. Did they think he would sit like a young, respectable citizen? No. Why would you think that? In Kanye’s defense, he was supporting his close family-friend Beyonce, but I’m afraid the intoxication may have distorted Kanye’s coherent thought process. Hence, he gave us this iconic moment of him and Taylor Swift. I don’t know a single person who does not know about this incident, therefore demonstrating his impact on society. Thank you Kanye, very cool.


2016. An iconic year for not just Kanye, but the world. As we go through the list here, you may see a trend of Kanye and Twitter. But I want to dissect when Kanye publicly beefed with Wiz Khalifa on Twitter, creating a list of tweets for Wiz (If you are unaware, Wiz Khalifa has a child with Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose). Specifically, tweet numbers 12 and 13.


Pro-Ye point of view: Well, he’s not wrong.

Anti-Ye point of view: Bringing children into a public argument between adults is wrong. 

Controversial Rating: 6/10 

Now, I was lucky enough to be there live and present on Twitter when Kanye went on this rant, so I can add a bit of introspection. It was funny. My poor guy Wiz was so clueless because Kanye had thought Wiz tweeted about his wife Kim Kardashian, when in reality he was just tweeting about an illegal substance he is famously known for smoking. Yet, Kanye West being so smart, without even knowing, was delving into the Butterfly Effect through his roasts. See, if Kanye West had never dated Amber Rose, Amber Rose would probably have never met Wiz Khalifa, and hence never have a child with him. Therefore, Kanye is fundamentally not wrong about tweet 12. Well… about tweet 13… yeah I mean a little bit of creative exaggeration is being used to demonstrate the intricacy of the Butterfly Effect.



Oh yeah, 2016 again. This time, Kanye West tweeted that Bill Cosby was innocent. I don’t really need to preface this.

Pro-Ye point of view: He tweeted this days before his album dropped to stir controversy and attention. 

Anti-Ye point of view: He is defending a rapist/sexual abuser. 

Controversial Rating: 10/10 

They tried to cancel him over this tweet, oh man. Personally, I do not think he actually thinks Bill Cosby is innocent, given his morals and background, but I do believe that regardless it is not proper to tweet things like that for attention. It was pretty uncalled for and controversial, even though I think it was just Kanye prompting a reaction rather than reflecting personal beliefs. Therefore, I do not agree particularly with him tweeting this as it just seems unnecessary. However, his album was god-tier.



Once again, 2016. Kanye had a public feud with Taylor Swift, over lyrics in his song “Famous”. Due to the nature of the lyrics I will not be able to post it in this article, but you can just search it up. This made Taylor Swift angry, as she claimed she never gave permission for Kanye to write those lyrics.

Pro-Ye point of view: Taylor Swift literally allowed Kanye to make that line about her.

Anti-Ye point of view: He is degrading women (?)

Controversial Rating: 8/10 

Plot-twist, she actually did give her blessing in a recorded phone call that was posted by Kim Kardashian on snapchat (I watched this event happen live too). The crazy part was that Taylor Swift tried to double down and then say she didn’t know she would specifically be referred to as that *b word*, although she gave her consent for everything else. This left a lot of fans perplexed, as she gave consent for Kanye to mention her in an explicit sexual way, yet it was the one specific word that stirred up this controversy. Nonetheless, it was a very dramatic response from both Kanye and Kim and Taylor Swift, and I don’t think it was a situation that can be pinned against Taylor or Kanye. Also here’s a bonus Kim tweet she made in response to this Taylor Swift situation that still makes me laugh.




Wow 2016 was really a rough year huh. Here comes the infamous West for Donald Trump, as Kanye publicly showed his support for the presidential candidate at the time. He was seen on a few occasions wearing a MAGA hat, as well as with Donald Trump himself.

Pro-Ye point of view: He is a grown man that can have controversial political views.

Anti-Ye point of view: He is a Trump supporter! Therefore he is racist and bad. 

Controversial Rating: 10/10 

Despite his public support for Donald Trump, he did not actually vote for him in 2016. When faced with backlash, it prompted Kanye to talk about the idea of “Identity Politics”: how the media and society makes assumptions on people due to their race (or gender/sexuality), such as that because he is black, he has to be a democrat, etc. However, what people hate to admit is that his friendship with Trump actually harbored positive things. Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian actually met with Donald Trump in 2018 to discuss prison reform in the United States, which would have likely not been possible if Kanye were not friends with Trump. Kanye also met with Trump in order to get rapper, A$AP Rocky, home after being wrongfully imprisoned in Sweden. Afterwards though, Kanye did eventually denounce his support for Trump. Although he may not be educated in everything, Kanye clearly went on a personal political journey that was not popular. Nonetheless, the fact that people were quick to label and criticize West for his political choice instead of understanding why, demonstrates the bias that people and the media have against him from the start, no matter what it may be.



Here comes another tumultuous time for Kanye, 2018. On an interview with TMZ, Kanye West went under fire for his words that “slavery was a choice.”

Pro-Ye point of view: People mis-interpreted the message and theme he was trying to get across about this topic.

Anti-Ye point of view: Kanye supports slavery. 

Controversial Rating: 10/10

Kanye West has always been someone to challenge traditional thought and be a free thinker. Regardless, the message he was trying to get across came out very, very wrong.  His comments did prompt a lot of self-reflection that I do not think people saw afterwards. After this incident he went back to Chicago and did a radio interview/guest starred and publicly apologized about what he had said and how it had hurt so many people. He ended up crying when explaining that the people who had been surrounding him recently have not been directing him in a positive way, exacerbating the constant loneliness and desperation he feels when having to deal with his mental health outbreaks as well. I genuinely do believe Kanye has a good heart. He may challenge certain things, but if anything that just provides an open discussion for people to explain why that is/is not true. The fact that Kanye acknowledged his words and also apologized shows that he is a human being, and not some unstable, conservative maniac that the left side of social media tries to play. 



Another instance regarding a song with Kanye in 2018. This might be one of the most horrid and sensitive controversies I will cover about Kanye. Oh gosh, I can’t even say it. Just look below.

Anti-Ye point of view: He’s a menace to society. He must be locked up immediately and casted away to the furthest abandoned island to ensure he has no contact and communication with the outside world. Poop-di scoop? The children are going mad. He is POISONING the youth of today and the media just stands back and WATCHES. This mad man needs to be doing serious TIME for these unspeakable crimes.  

Pro-Ye point of view: Haha poop-diddy whoop scoop. 

Controversial Rating: 10000/10  

I have never seen such a powerful yet risky message spread to the world. But you know what? That's what leaders do. They take RISKS for what they believe in. And if Kanye says whoopity-scoop whoop poop then gosh darn it I’m going to poopy scoop whoop whoop wherever I want. I have yet to see another artist challenge and denounce this, which goes to show that they are scared of Kanye and the powerful aura that surrounds him. They’re PETRIFIED, shaking at the mere thought that Kanye would beef with Drake in such a public manner with his scoop-diddy-whoop. We all must immediately bow down to our one lord and savior: Yeezus Christ.



Just this summer in 2020 we witnessed some more of Kanye West. Kanye had a public meltdown at one of his presidential campaigning events, where he disclosed with the world that his daughter, North West, was almost aborted.

Pro-Ye point of view: He is clearly having a bipolar episode and the media is exploiting this, which only makes it worse. 

Anti-Ye point of view: He is pro-life and therefore bad. 

Controversial Rating: 9/10 

This is a very sensitive topic for some so I want to address this with complete seriousness. Kanye has bi-polar disorder. Does that excuse some of his behavior? No. But does it offer some insight into what is causing these emotional outbreaks? Yes. People have a right to have an opinion, whether it disagrees with yours or not. Kanye is pro-life undoubtedly because he almost lost his own daughter, which he was explaining at this event. This is extremely common with adults: those who almost aborted their child but then changed their decision, and found that kids were the greatest blessing of their life. To pretend that this is some obscure phenomenon and paint Kanye as some sort of monster is very insane. You cannot doubt that Kanye was having a mental breakdown, and of course for someone going through a manic episode of some kind, the idea of losing your daughter is going to prompt a lot of emotion. The pictures taken and media exploitation of Kanye having a very public episode is something I will forever criticize, as it is no secret that the media will take a black icon and try to damage their image any way that they can, as they always have. The only difference is that Kanye’s mental illness makes him more vulnerable and susceptible to this. What really irked me about this event was the fact that many democrats and self-proclaimed liberals on Twitter were trying to cancel Kanye over this, even though many of their beliefs typically align with mental health awareness and help. Yet, it is so typical that when someone portrays traits of a mental illness which are actually negative (or don’t align with what people want to think about a mental illness), they immediately become ruthless. If anything, I saw this event as a cry for help, and people need to shift the focus away from “cancel Kanye” for this or that, and instead to “how can we help him?”.



2020: Kris Jong Un.

Pro-Ye point of view: This is a goated Kanye West tweet. The headliner in the Kanye West hall of fame. 

Anti-Ye point of view: Kanye exposed that the Kardashians tried to forcefully rehabilitate him, he accused his wife of cheating on him with Meek Mill, called his mother in law “Kris Jong-Un”, and claimed Lil baby was his favorite rapper all in ONE tweet. 

Controversial Rating: 8/10  

There really wasn’t much political controversy in this, as it was more of personal drama that stirred media frenzy. He really packed so much in one tweet I don’t know where to begin. I mean first off, the whole 51/50 doctor business probably shouldn’t have been revealed to the public, but I understand his mental state probably did not let him think that through. For the accusations of Kim cheating with Meek Mill, I truly believe they were talking about prison. THE KRIS JONG-UN WILL ALWAYS KILL ME NO MATTER WHAT. Literally the funniest thing I have ever read. Lastly, I just think it is also so incredibly funny that he said Lil baby was his favorite rapper and won’t do a song with him, because after this tweet, reporters asked Lil baby why he wouldn’t do a song with Kanye and he said he didn't even know Kanye wanted to do a song with him LOL. This is my favorite tweet ever, there is so much going on.

As you can see, Kanye is an extremely complicated person. He may be problematic to many people, but the amount of people he comforts and inspires with his music will always outweigh whatever other controversies he may have. Having said that, below are some of my favorite Kanye moments that show how he is actually a man full of love. 


Kanye West with his best friend/late mother:



















Kanye West with his first-born, North:



















Kanye proposing to Kim: