Leaving Teachers, 2018/19

Sanaya Varma & Mridula Srikanth

As we enter the last few weeks of the school year, freedom seems more attainable; still, it is impossible to escape the underlying sadness across the student body because with summer break comes the inevitable goodbyes. This year, AES says goodbye to a few of its most beloved teachers. To show these teachers our appreciation, we have compiled a few student quotes for the leaving teachers.


First, there is Mr. Peter who has been here for 6 years total (he taught for 3, left, then came back for 3 more). He teaches 9th-grade science and IB physics. Here are some of the words students had to share for him:


“Mr. Peter was enthusiastic about his teachings and simultaneously taught his students in a very center-focused way.” - Nathan Friesen (10th grade)


“He was really funny, and made physics interesting to learn about.” - Ria Mitra (10th grade)


“Before I was in Mr. Peter's class, I never thought myself good or interested in science (especially physics).  However, through his friendly and interactive teaching as well as all those fun labs and challenges, I have found a new appreciation for the subject (yes, even physics).” - Tess McCartney (10th grade)


“Mr. Peter is one of the most engaging teachers I’ve ever been taught by. He makes our science classes so fun, but also teaches the content in a way that we won’t forget.” - Tanush Soni (9th grade)

Mr. Guggisberg is another teacher AES will miss next year. He has been here for 4 years and teaches several English classes. 


“When I came back to AES this year, everyone understood annotations thoroughly, but I had no idea what they were. Mr. Guggisberg has really helped throughout the year and now I understand them and also have a deeper understanding of English in general.” - Nilay Solanki (10th grade)


“Mr. Guggisberg is one of the best teachers I’ve had in my life. He’s energetic, funny, and clearly loves teaching.” - Mihir Dhawan (10th grade)

Next, this is sadly Ms. Macuzak’s last year: she has been here for 3 years and teaches IB biology. 


“Ms. Macuzak is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She makes a difficult class like biology fun, and she made me a more diligent and hardworking science student. Thank you for everything!” - Catherine Kish (11th grade)


“I like that after we finish our work we can go.” - MinSeo Jung (9th Grade)


“She knows her stuff; she has extensive knowledge of the subject.” - Yoon Sung Rho (11th grade)

Mr. Zhang has been here briefly, but, regardless, his impact was huge. He has been at AES for 2 years and teaches all the Mandarin classes. 


“He’s genuinely best friends with every student; it’s basically impossible to feel unhappy in his class. I definitely would not have taken IB Chinese if it weren’t for him and his ability to make lessons so enjoyable.” - Ria Mitra (10th grade)


“Mandarin was one of the subjects I was really scared of. I only had one year of preparation before IB; however, Mr. Zhang made that the smoothest transition ever. He would always talk to me personally... to make sure I understood everything and wasn’t overwhelmed. He is one of the nicest and most caring teachers.” - Tanush Soni (9th grade)


Ms. Jain has been a part of the AES community for an impressive number of years, but her time here has sadly come to an end. She has been here for 22 years and teaches several computer science classes. 


“Ms. Jain’s method of teaching made her classes very enjoyable; she let us work at our own paces and was extremely passionate about her subject. She is also a huge proponent of females entering the computer science world because she feels they are underrepresented.” Harshita Jain (10th grade)


“Ms. Jain’s passion for teaching sparked my love for technology and computing getting me to where I am today.” Tanmay Solanki (Class of 2013)


"I thank Ms. Jain for helping me with all my questions and queries about computer science." - Ines Belkhodja (10th grade)


Mr. Kehe has been at AES for 11 years! Sadly, he is leaving this year. He teaches health and PE. Here are some of the words students had to share about him:


"Mr. Kehe is the teacher who not only makes health class fun, but he also is a coach who makes swimming the best sport." - Ines Belkhodja (10th grade)


“Mr. Kehe never fails to make you laugh; he is just so funny. He always has just such a radiant and positive vibe though he insults all of us.” - Mehr Dewan (10th grade)

Ms. Johnson has been at AES for 5 years; she teaches art classes. Her time at AES, unfortunately, comes to an end this year. 


“Ms. Johnson is the most compassionate teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by.” - Driena Muca (10th grade)


“Ms. Johnson is clearly very passionate about her subject and that passion transfers to the students.” - Aarya Banthia (10th grade)


“Ms. Johnson is really helpful and is always there for me when I need help.” - Suhani Kumar (10th grade)


“She is very passionate about her students work and she always goes out of her way to support her students and their art pieces.” - Bella Pacheco (10th grade)

Ms. Boyadzhieva has been a beloved music teacher for the past 11 years. This year, however, is her last year at AES.


“Ms. B is an amazing teacher who puts all her effort into everything she does.” - Kira de Oliveira (10th grade)


“She’s a really fun teacher which is the reason loads of kids repeatedly come back; I learned a lot in her class.” - Tess McCartney (10th grade)


“I love her. She’s a really patient and cheerful teacher, even when we mess up. She is always supportive of each of the choir members, and she brightens the class with her cheerful attitude!” - Suhani Kaul (9th grade)