Senior Edition 2021


May 2021

Ms. Patterson's Note to the 
Class of 2021

Senior Interviews


Words of Wisdom
From Our Teachers

Mr. Collins

Ms. Laheurte

Mr. McLoughlin

Dr. Muca

Ms. Williams

Janya Gambhir,
Class of 2019

Shreyas Rajesh,
Class of 2018

Alumni Advice

Mrinalini Wadhwa,
Class of 2020

Abhik Bhatt,
Class of 2020

From the ROAR team

     The ROAR leadership team would like to take this opportunity to thank the seniors who were a part of the ROAR for all of their contributions and all of the time they put into the magazine. We’ve worked with them for a couple of years now and can say with certainty that the seniors who worked on the ROAR are among the kindest and most dedicated people we’ve known. 
   We would especially like to thank
Rahil Patel and Bharat Singh, the editor-in-chief and managing editor of the ROAR. It was their effort that carried the ROAR into an online setting so seamlessly, and their confidence in the magazine that helped it thrive. Rahil and Bharat, you led us so effectively through such a tumultuous year, and we couldn’t be more grateful. You were both always so helpful and so enthusiastic, and working with you was something we treasured. Thank you both so, so much. 
   We would be remiss not to also shout out
Sid Vasudevan. Sid has been in charge of the design for the ROAR since 2018 and was not only revolutionary regarding the print layout but with the website as well. He has saved us time and time again.  
   To all the ROAR seniors –
Alaa, Aarya, Ria, Naomi, Namita, Sanaya, Mehr, Nick, Lylah, Driena, Sid, Rahil, and Bharat – thank you for your wonderful writing and your constant passion. We’re going to miss you all tremendously, and we cannot wait for all the bright things in your futures!