Shiv Kapoor

6.5 Years

at AES

1. What has been your favorite memory at AES?

My favourite memories at AES were definitely the times we traveled. From MESAC to Minicourse, it was always very memorable and filled with laughter and fun. Especially my 10th grade minicourse as it was the best trip with the party bus.

2. How have sports at AES shaped you?

Sports have been a core part of my life at AES. They help develop a sort of rhythm in my life that makes the months pass away in the blink of an eye. The fun and the workouts make you not notice the months flying by towards the competition, meanwhile the exertion is therapeutic for any stress you might feel with schoolwork. I don't think I could have made it through high school properly without the sports. And the team bonds that were developed.

3. What are you going to miss the most about AES?

The small size. Moving from this community of 300 high schoolers to a 40000 student campus is going to be a shock, and something that will require a transition. Knowing everyone’s name at school gives you more of a community feeling.

4. If you had to create a survival kit for the IB/HS, what would you put in it?

A blanket & pillow for the times you get sent to the office.

5. Which teacher do you wish you could take to college with you and why?

Mr. Manker if I’m looking for someone to help me process my emotions while simultaneously motivating me to continue pushing myself and my fitness throughout times when I don't want to. He’s such a great therapist.

Mr. Kagan if I' m looking for someone who I always feel comfortable talking to about life whenever I want while also making dad jokes. It would also be helpful to have a physics teacher with me while I major in engineering.

6. What is your favorite thing about doing sports at AES?

Everything. The emotions - the social life - the competition - the training - the team bonds.