Dr. Muca

1. What was your experience in college like?

My college life was amazing. Besides taking care of my academics I had a lot of good times with my friends. My friends and I played mini-court (four against four or three against three) soccer on a regular basis. Many times we switched it up and played volleyball. We went to movie theaters, soccer stadiums to watch our favorite teams play, attended parties, etc. The most important experience was that my friends and I wanted a new beginning. My friends and I took on the communist regime. The scenes of demonstrations and hunger strikes are very much live in my memory to this day. Being a student activist in the fight against communism brought a sense of belonging much larger than yourself: You are in it with your friends to last breath for freedom of speech and democracy.

2. What is your biggest hope for your students in college?

College life is full of daily activities. Study hard but also get out as much as you can with friends. Play sports and attend other leisure activities. Enjoy as much as you can what this life has to offer you. If there is a calling be part of it and do not stand on the sideline.

3. What is your fondest memory of college?

Being a student activist of a movement that brought down the communist regime to its knees. Not many generations get the experience of being of something this big and at the same be victorious.