Kiama De Wagt

1. What has been your favorite memory at AES?

I think it is hard to pick just one memory. My last four years have been saturated with so many great memories. My first minicourse in ninth grade is up there as one of the most incredible weeks in my life. Not to brag or anything, but the entire minicourse even made a song about me!! The chemistry between the group was terrific. Coming into that group as a freshman was very intimidating, but all the upperclassmen were absolute Gs and made the experience unforgettable. Thinking about how awesome minicourse was hurts me even more as I only had two of them in my AES career. Another memory that springs to my mind is MESAC football in my junior year. I had the privilege of playing with a great set of guys for three months. On top of that, finishing second was not something anyone thought we would be able to achieve. If only I could have saved the penalty in the final, this could have been a different story.

2. How have sports at AES shaped you?

Sports have made me a better collaborator and communicator with my teammates. For the last three years, I have devoted my free time to only one sport: football. I have played as a goalkeeper for both the JV and the varsity team in the past three years. My position requires me to be very vocal with my teammates as I can see things on the field that the players in front of me can not. Therefore, if I am quiet in goal, the players would have more difficulty understanding what is around them on the field. I believe I have brought these strong communication skills into the classroom as well. I wouldn't say I'm a noisy kid in class( I might be wrong, and to any teacher who disagrees with this comment, SORRY), but I enjoy working with my classmates to solve various problems. In addition, this skill that I have strengthened through sports will also be vital in my future life.

3. What are you going to miss the most about AES?

OOOF A LOT. One thing I won't miss is most probably the IB. I never cried over it, thank God, but bruh, what even is that??? I think the one thing I will miss the most is experiencing the entire high school experience. Most of my junior and senior years were online, and I missed many events and activities with my closest friends I would have had if the world was not as chaotic as it is now. I will miss the harmony between the entire AES community as well. The interactions between students were always kindhearted, and the teachers always had our best intentions at heart. In addition, I will deeply miss the breezeway ice tea as well. On a typical day, I could chug like four or five of those a day (don't tell my mom that I spent 200rps on ice tea a day.)

4. If you had to create a survival kit for the IB/HS, what would you put in it? 

My list is as followed:

  1. SLEEP- Don't be a dum dum. Go to bed early if you can.

  2. Youtube- Use it as a method to study but also a way to wind down. Watching Youtube videos is one thing that helps keep my mind level-headed when the going got tough.

  3. Water- Got to stay hydrated yk.

  4. Starbucks coffee- Get the espresso frappuccino. It slaps! Starbucks also has caffeine for them long nights of studying derivates or the digestive system or memorizing all the reactions in organic chemistry.

  5. A hobby of your own choice- I enjoyed playing video games to get away from school; however, anything you love doing, such as baking or, idk goat yoga, should be kept in your routine if there is space for it.

  6. Krispy Kreme- The best snack to have while studying, even if it is slightly unhealthy.

5. Which teacher do you wish you could take to college with you and why?

This might be the most straightforward question; it has to be the most fantastic teacher on earth, Ms. Syed!!  Ms. Syed is the kindest and most caring person anywhere in the world. I had her as my SL math teacher and could not have asked for more out of a teacher. At the beginning of the class, I struggled a little (HAHA, a kid failing an SL class, he must be dumb!!) Nevertheless, Ms. Syed kept on believing in me. I made sure to see her after school and ask as many questions about the different concepts during class time. I did not only want to make myself proud in that class; I wanted to make her proud as well. She would never stop laughing and smiling in class and loved each of her students with a passion. When IA season came around, Ms. Syed made sure all of us were on top of our IAs to make sure that we did as well as possible. She pushed us not only to be better mathematicians but better people as well.  As my grades started to pick during my senior year, I understood how much of a positive impact Ms. Syed had on my math career. As our final goodbyes were held through a Zoom call, I was able to shed a tear without anyone noticing, realizing that I will never have her as my teacher again. For anyone entering SL math with Ms. Syed as their teacher, you are in great hands. If you are reading this, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Ms. Syed, for all you have done for me in the past two years.

6. What is your favorite thing about doing sports at AES?

The unity and bond between players and coaches at AES is excellent. I always played with close friends; therefore, the chemistry between us was even better. Shoutout to Bharat, who I roomed with for three consecutive years, and all other players made my high school sports career memorable. You won't be forgotten.