Sanghyun Mo

1. What has been your favorite memory at AES?

I find it extremely difficult to choose a single memory at AES that was my favorite memory. Whether it was an up or down, every single memory that I have collected over the past five years is my favorite. If I have to highlight one in particular, it comes from Homecoming in 2019 when Jay and Suvy demolished the dance floor by bouncing everyone around. The immense weight that I felt from the front, back, left, and right led me to reflect on my past self and become a better person.

2. What are you going to miss the most about AES?

There are a countless number of things that I will miss about our school. First, I’ll miss Mr. Aarya’s excitement that bizarrely went up whenever the exams were approaching. The way he hopped into a classroom full of students that were dreading an exam and how he asked everyone if they’re excited about it in a merry tone was a bewildering scene I’ll never be able to forget. It saddens me how we all became desensitized to the thrill of this extraordinary friend that we have. Also, I’m going to miss the applause that we gave as a unified cohort whenever our legend, Mr. Akshay, came late to class. Nothing has been more regular in my high school life than our hero stepping late into the doors with his ever-calm smile. I’ll miss how Mr. Collins’ brutally roasted Adil in Econ classes as well. Rest in peace, Adil.

Jokes aside, I am going to miss the sense of community at AES the most. The welcoming embrace and tremendous support that it has given me will forever have a fond place in my heart. I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards all my friends, teachers, and AES staff who couldn’t have made my high school life any better.

3. If you had to create a survival kit for the IB/HS, what would you put in it?

I would put in the portraits of my parents, Dr. Muca, and Ms. Hjellming. With their profiles staring at me 24/7, I think I’ll have no choice but to finish my extended essay, internal assessments, TOK essay, and college apps without a single ounce of procrastination. My inner sloth that desperately screams “NO” to every IB/HS assignment won’t do any good under their eyes. This would be an arduous yet 100% guaranteed method to ensure your “survival.”

4. Which teacher do you wish you could take to college with you and why?

If I were to take one of my teachers, I would bring Dr. Muca with me. Throughout the IB, I have received many blessings from Dr. Muca in terms of math homework that he assigned every class. Regardless of what happened, a list of problems that we had to solve for homework was always there on the calendar or the WAG. Even after the final exams were canceled, we were continuously blessed with his HL maths past paper 2 assignments. I was made strong by such vigor and rigor, and there is nothing else that can evoke my fear since then. If I can continue to take his training in college, I’m sure I will prevail in that next stage of life.