Shreyas Rajesh

1. Do you have any specific memories with this senior class that you would like to share?

I remember how enthusiastically this class year attacked MUN. It was really exciting for me as a senior to see that kind of energy, and to feel that there was a real interest and passion for what we were doing. I absolutely loved the year I had with this class!

2. What advice would you give rising college freshmen?

College is a fresh start, and it's a chance to really be who you want to be. So don't hold yourself back: every impulse, every fledging interest - follow through on them. You don't have to be the person you were in high school, so really take advantage of that freedom.

3. What's the biggest difference you've found between college and AES?

In college, at least for me, people are really US centric. That's something I do miss about AES: that we were focused on issues "at home" in India but equally on problems and questions across a global scale. I miss that sense of internationalism.