Super Saturday

Abhik Bhatt


Thrilling, intense, and tiring would sum up our school’s recent Super Saturday. For those who don’t know, Super Saturday is an event that comes close to the end of the MESAC season with different AES teams against (usually) local competition. This quarter, Super Saturday kicked off on Friday and continued into Saturday, during which the cross country, tennis, soccer, and basketball teams were up against the Miri Piri Academy and American School of Doha in a competitive, engaging and friendly tournament.

One of the most exhausting events was the cross country run. Athletes ran in poor air quality over a 5 km stretch. One athlete stated, “While I felt we could have placed higher, I am enthusiastic about what MESAC might hold.”  The cross country team, thanks to the competition that Doha provided, found this Super Saturday to be excellent preparation for MESAC.

The Tennis tournament with AS Doha was successful for AES, while still intense. The boy’s team won first place, and the girls placed second, with many close matches. According to one tennis player on the boy’s team, “Getting a chance to play against new competitors helped me develop new strategies so that I can think of ways to improve before our Dubai tournament.”


Kata Bardos plays for the MESAC tennis team

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Alan Rubin

The soccer teams engaged in riveting displays for the audience. Both Varsity teams finished in first place, and the JV teams played well with boys in third and girls in fourth. One onlooker noted that there were “amazing goals and crazy dives,” such as a goal by August Woolley, who struck the ball from the right side of the field to the top left corner of the net. The overall atmosphere was definitely competitive, but was shrouded by the excitement of audience members and players.

Basketball was another enthralling sport to watch. One member of the Varsity Boys Basketball team noticed that the girls had “amazing” rhythm on the court. Even though they placed last, their teamwork and ability to create open shots for each other showed their potential. Arguably, the most thrilling moment was the overtime game between the JV team and MPA. Each team went on runs where they would rack up a lead, only to be cut by the opposing side. With 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, AES and Miri Piri were tied, and all of sudden, AES’ star point guard Neil Blomquist went down with an ankle injury. When he returned AES was already down 2 points. It was at the last minute when Dhruv Sanyal hit the three-pointer in the final thirty seconds after missing every other three-point shot in the game. As the ball went through that net, the crowd erupted. His shot forced the game into overtime, and AES came up on top.

All in all, Super Saturday was a fun weekend for the AES community. The events prepared AES for MESAC and showcased exhilarating competition. We should be grateful that we were able to witness such exciting games, and thank MPA and AS Doha for coming and playing against our school. MESAC teams should get ready because AES is knocking at their doors.